Using CLI send and receive messages from SQS Queues

Services Covered

  •  SQS

Lab description

Learning Objectives

  • Creating queue and sending messages to it
  • Using Cloud9 and CLI to interact with SQS

Lab date



  • AWS account

Lab steps

  1. Navigate to SQS Dashboard and create a standard queue, keep all the defaults.
  2. Go to Send and receive messages and send some message, Add some attributes.
  3. Click Poll for Messages. You message will be on the received list. Then delete it.
  4. Navigate to Cloud9. Click on Open IDE. In your Cloud9 Terminal, enter the sqs list-queues command to display the URL of your SQS queue
    aws sqs list-queues

  5. Issue the following command to display only the QueueUrls field in text format:
    aws sqs list-queues --output text --query "QueueUrls"

  6. Store the queue URL in a shell variable and send a message to the queue using the send-message command:
    # Store the Queue URL in a shell variable named queue_url 
    # The command is surrounded with $(...) to store the result of the command
    queue_url=$(aws sqs list-queues --output text --query "QueueUrls")
    # Send a message to the queue (use $ to substitute the value stored in the variable)
    aws sqs send-message --queue-url $queue_url --message-body "I'm an SQS message from the CLI"

  7. In your Cloud9 terminal, enter the following command:
    aws sqs receive-message --queue-url <QUEUE URL>

  8. In terminal enter the following command:
    aws sqs delete-message --queue-url $queue_url --receipt-handle <YOUR_RECEIPT_HANDLE>
  9. Delete the queue in SQS.

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