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Deploy an Amazon RDS Multi-AZ and Read Replica in AWS

Lab 99

Lab Details

  1. Services covered
  2. Lab description
  3. Lab files
  4. Lab date
  5. Lab source
  6. Lab steps
  7. Acknowledgements

Services Covered

  • RDS
  • Route 53

Lab description

This lab exercises following concepts with use of AWS CLI commands:

  • Creating RDS Read Replicas
  • Enabling Multi-AZ and backups
  • Promoting a read replica
  • Updating the RDS endpoint in Route 53

Lab diagram


Lab files

  • AWS_CLI_commands.txt – contains used commands to perform project

Lab date


Lab source

This lab is part of A Cloud Guru catalog

Lab steps

All the ids for resources are temporary values specific for the lab

  • Enable Multi-AZ Deployment
    aws rds modify-db-instance --db-instance-identifier db-OBWWA4PQF2XPOBVZP7WQ6CUKGI --multi-az
  • Create a Read Replica
    aws rds create-db-instance-read-replica --db-instance-identifier wordpress-rr   --source-db-instance-identifier wordpress
  • Promote the Read Replica and Change the CNAME Records Set in Route 53 to the New Endpoint
    aws rds promote-read-replica 
    --db-instance-identifier wordpress-rr
  • Check the hosted zone resource record sets
    aws route53 list-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-id Z02351242NWTTQUT6NPRI
  • Get Read Replicas endpoint
    aws rds describe-db-instances --db-instance-identifier wordpress-rr
  • Create ‘change-name.json’ then change the record set in Route 53 hosted zone to the new db
    aws route53 change-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-id Z02351242NWTTQUT6NPRI --change-batch file://change-name.json



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