Great inspirational reading for both beginners and experienced developers of Internet of Things. Authors covers lots of subject, starting with definitions, devices that would work greatly with IoT projects and why Node.js seems the best fit tevelopment tool for connected devices. Book is filled with a number of projects that let’s one to experiment and practically try out some ideas. What the book isn’t is what this blog is about: using cloud providers such as AWS to connect the devices and create resiliant, effective and possibly cheap infrastructure.

Other covered subjects worth mentioning are very relevant for IoT developers: MQTT or CoAP for aplication layer (TCP and UDP network layar protocols accordingly), the most propagated data transmition technologies such as 6Lo WPAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi.

Readers will find an interesting perspective to the subject of connecting devices and alternatives to the cloud approach, which is neccessary when trying to asses which solution fits best for a specific project.

I can definetely recommend the book for any of you who own one of the compatible devices, such as BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Arduino or Intel Edison, you’ll get the most of it by practising and playing around.


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