In this lab a CloudFront distribution will be created, that will distribute a publicly accessible dynamic PHP page.

Lab 90

Services Covered

  •  CloudFront

Lab description

In this lab a CloudFront distribution will be created, that will distribute a publicly accessible dynamic PHP page. The distribution will deliver contents of a Application Load Balancer from 2 EC2 Instances which host a PHP webpage. Tasks:

  • Create EC2 Instances, launch them with Bash script
  • Create Application Load Balancer
  • Create a Targer Group
  • Create a CloudFront Distribution

Lab date



  • AWS account

Lab steps

  1. Start with launching two EC2 Linux 2 AMI Instances of type t2.micro. Add User data:
    sudo su
    yum update -y
    yum install httpd php -y
    systemctl start httpd
    systemctl enable httpd
    cd /var/www/html/
    systemctl restart httpd

    This will install php server called httpd start it and set an index page.

    Create a new security group that allow SSH, HTTP and HTTPS traffic from anywhere. We won’t be needing security keys for this lab.

  2. Go to the instances public IPv4 address, for example:

    You can pass a query string parameter id and the value will be displayed in the page:

    Similar thing should work for on the second instance:

  3. Create a Target Groups. Under Basic configuration select Instances, give a name, choose HTTP as protocol and default VPC. Configure health check path as /index.php.

    Register the earlier created Instances as targets.

  4. Create an Application Load Balancer, Internet-facing, IP address type: IPv4, Default VPC and mapping in all available zones. Remove the default security group and select the one created earlier. Select listener as the Target Group created earlier.

    Now the Load Balancer has a DNS name that you can navigate to and it’ll will equally split the traffic between the two instances.

  5. Create the CloudFront Distribution. Choose the Load balancer name as a Origin domain. Leave all as default and scroll down to

    TTL option to be disabled for dynamic contents, since our site accepts the query string parameter id. Click on the Create distribution. This process might take a while. When done you will be able to test the Distribution domain name

  6. Now that the distribution is deployed it’s time for a clean-up. Delete EC2 Instances, Load Balance and CloudFront distribution.

Lab files

  • None



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